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KG Workbook
LKG Mathematics, English and General Awareness Worksheets
Primary Mathematics, English and General Awareness Worksheets
PreSchool Mathematics, English and General Awareness Worksheets

School WorkBook : Learn with Practice and Images 

This Session Bring  a New and Comprehensive All in One Workbook for your Kids . having Fun while learning is the key Portion of this workbook available with All inOne For Pre-Nursery,Nursery and Kindergarten Wing .

Add a little extra learning, giving, and growing to Summer Break fun..

This Summer vacation add a extra learning,giving,and growing to your child fun .school may give their students a summer holiday home work that nurture and boost the knowledge while children play at home.this will help the school as well as parents to pass a good time with them . 

they can understand ,learn and stay in touch with school curriculum. 

Making STEM colorful and real helps kids branch out.

An ever-louder chorus of voices say, “It’s never too early to start “STEM ed.” For kids who seem to naturally love math, science, and all things tech, that’s a natural extension. But for others, it’s decidedly more of a reach.

The thing is that if you want your kids get a full knowledge about subject that is not only enough in school curriculum ,they need to learn some extra knowledge and attention by Extra learning .

KidsKlub™  Learning Solutions                        

Preschool Workbook and worksheets Specialist

Available Resources

  • PreSchool Curriculum
  • Play Group WorkBook and Worksheets
  • Nursery Workbook and WorkSheet
  • Kindergarten Workbook
  • Coloring Sheets
  • Hindi,English and Maths Worksheets for Class I to V
  • Holiday Homework Sheets

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